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2 Clients in a Row!

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2015

Last week of September, Tade has finally signed an exclusive contract with Monolith Construction and Development, the company's first client in the construction industry.The said client is the biggest investment so far in the history of Tade. Monolith Construction & Development Corporation is a 100% Filipino capitalized corporation established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since November, 1990. Prior to this date, the company under the name of Monolith Builders, Inc. They will be using Infor ERP LN 10X. Also, few days after the first signing, Tade has been able to get the first client for Infor SCE (WMS) which is MD Distripark Manila Inc. MDD has established an extensive network of trucking partner to serve our customers' transportation and distribution requirement.